We have 100 Shards Online trial keys to give away

Shards Online is an MMO with very visible MUD roots. It looks a lot like Ultima Online—and comes from a former lead engineer and lead designer of that game—but most interestingly promises moddable, player run servers with custom rulesets and even custom assets in the future.

Shards was funded on Kickstarter back in 2014, and today it's hitting a major milestone with its first alpha release. On account of the big release, the developers have given us 100 trial keys, which grant seven days of access, to give away. So let's have a raffle! Just drop your email address into the form below (we don't see it, and Godankey doesn't keep it) to enter, and on Saturday winners will be randomly chosen and automatically emailed keys and instructions for how to redeem them.

On top of the 100 trial codes, three entrants will win full access to Shards Online instead of a trial. Good luck!

PC Gamer

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