Watch this player beat Minecraft using a piano as a controller

We've seen players take down Sekiro bosses with bongos, Dark Souls 3 completed with a guitar hero controller, and now in the wonderful world of controller modding, someone has beaten Minecraft using a piano

YouTuber Jachael123 has modified the keys of a MIDI keyboard to fit Minecraft's controls and has recorded it all for our viewing pleasure.

Jachael123's video follows his blocky journey from him first spawning in Survival Mode and building his first house all the way to fighting the Ender Dragon. The video is a 10-minute supercut of his playthrough, but in a Reddit thread, he explains that it took him seven and a half hours to beat the game including learning the controls.

The white and black keys on Jachael's MIDI keyboard are set up in replacement of both the keyboard and mouse. Before starting the challenge Jachael123 asked fellow Minecraft pianist Tallchief if he could use his key-binding code and then began his blocky saga, which you can follow in full on his second channel JachaelGaming.

Following how the tinkling of the piano inputs align with Minecraft's controls is pretty mesmerising. Thanks, Eurogamer, for highlighting this story.  

Rachel Watts

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