Watch this guy make a PC out of pasta

We've seen some creative PC builds, but nothing that has looked as delicious as my Italian grandmother's cooking. That all changed when YouTuber Micah Laplante took lasagna to the next level when he made a PC case out of real, uncooked pasta. (His wife jokingly gave him the idea.) The goal wasn't to make a crazy gaming PC or anything like that, but rather a dedicated computer for streaming media—and a few games.

After removing the hardware from an old Asus notebook with a broken touch screen, he arranged the components on a bed of lasagna strips hot glued together. He attached a dongle to act as an I/O panel for basic peripherals, and added a few other cables to serve as USB-B and HDMI ports. Seems pretty simple, right?

Then came the fun part: once all the components were taped to the base pasta, he layered more pasta over everything, strategically adding more hot glue that he painted in delicious sauce colors later on, and a few rigatoni noodle vents for airflow—all with lively Italian opera to compliment the 'cooking' process. The black USB and HDMI ports emerging from the sauce are definitely the best part.

But how did it run? After Laplante fixed a registry error that prevented him from starting Windows, he was able to install Steam and play some Rocket League, as well as stream video from Hulu and YouTube

This was short lived, however, as the computer needed about three years worth of Windows 10 updates. Installing those updates fixed the problems he had with getting his Xbox controller to work and stopped the TV from flashing black, but Laplante ran into sound problems when attempting to run a Game Boy Advance emulator. 

So, the pasta PC case worked, but the software didn't. (Stupid software.) But in my Italian heart, I think this is a successful PC case regardless. I hope Laplante makes another lasagna PC case someday, with a giant Conchiglie mouse to go with it.

Joanna Nelius
When Joanna's not writing about gaming desktops, cloud gaming, or other hardware-related things, she's doing terrible stuff in The Sims 4, roleplaying as a Malkavian, or playing horror games that would give normal people nightmares. She also likes narrative adventures.