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Watch the top Dishonored 2 speedrunner set a new world record for Death of the Outsider

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It's worth taking your time in Death of the Outsider, the recently-released expansion for Dishonored 2 (opens in new tab). Its world is dripping in atmosphere (opens in new tab), full of detail and side stories that will take you the best part of 10 hours to fully explore.

But, naturally, that hasn't stopped an army of speedrunners using every exploit possible to zoom through the game. The best of the bunch is streamer Bjurnie, who has just achieved a new world record by zipping through the expansion in nine and a half minutes flat. 

If you recognise the name it's probably because Bjurnie also holds the record for speedrunning Dishonored 2, which he completed in a lick under 23 minutes (opens in new tab), and is third all-time in the list of runs for the original Dishonored. Something of an expert in the series, then.

There's a few techniques at play in the run, shown at the top of this article, but the most noticeable is known as the 'leap glitch'. Basically, you have to rebind jump to the mouse wheel, preferably on a free-scrolling mouse. Then you jump into a vault and cancel the animation, and if you get the timing right you'll fly miles. It's easier said than done.

Needless to say the run is incredibly impressive, especially considering Death of the Outsider has only been out a matter of weeks. Bjurnie barely puts a foot wrong.

Thanks to Destructoid for flagging the run.

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