Watch the mysterious trailer for The Invisible Hours, an insidious game of Clue in VR

There aren't many things I find as exciting as solving a mystery. And as someone who owns a VR headset and would like any excuse to spend more time with it, I am more than willing to solve a murder in virtual reality. Well, that's what Tequila Works' The Invisible Hours is all about, as its premise involves a mansion, seven guests, and the mysterious death of inventor Nikola Tesla.

If that sounds somewhat familiar to you, then you might be thinking of the board game Clue, which is a pretty good thing to think about. But you aren't playing a specific character. The Invisible Hours is more like a live theatre production, in which you're an invisible member of the audience who can explore the house freely and observe the characters as the mystery unfolds. You'll also be able to rewind time and check in on what other characters were doing while you were investigating a specific lead. The trailer (above) touts "seven stories," and these are what you get by following each of the seven suspects. Tequila Works CEO Raul Rubio told Glixel that the tone of the story changes based on who you follow. 

 "In the demo you were following the detective Gustaf Gustav so it was very Agatha Christie, for Gustav all the stories are a murder mystery because he is the main character of his own life," Rubio said. He added that for another character, it could be a period drama, horror, or romantic comedy. American inventor Thomas Edison is one of the suspects, and his real-life rivalry with Tesla is a key plot point.

"For Edison, who is probably the main suspect, it's more like a thriller because he's trying to take advantage of the fact that Tesla is dead," Rubio explained. Of course, in reality, Edison died in 1931, twelve years prior to Tesla.

The Invisible Hours launches on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift later this year, and it features actors such as Uriel Emil (Homeland) and Grahame Fox, who voiced Eygon of Cairm in Dark Souls III.