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Watch the guy next door get creepy in two new Hello Neighbor trailers

Hello, neighbor! It's not just a friendly greeting, it's also the title of a creepy, spying-on-your-neighbor stealth game that was revealed to the world in September. Today, publisher tinyBuild announced that the second alpha build is now live, and also put out a pair of new videos: One a story trailer that provides a look at the game's introduction, and the other a brief snippet of gameplay demonstrating how to keep the unfriendly neighbor off your tail, at least for a little while. 

Everything shown so far has been "throw-away, used for testing and evaluating the direction for the full game," tinyBuild said. And while the house in the new alpha release isn't final, it "is a glimpse into what the final game looks, feels, sounds, and plays like." 

The new build includes a "small tutorial house," a finalized art style, improved Neighbor AI and speed, and new and/or improved mechanics, like peeking through keyholes and throwing things. Because of all the new content and changes to AI and physics, "we expect the Alpha 2 to break in horrible and funny ways," tinyBuild warned in a blog post. "So as always, play at your own risk." 

A good stealth game isn't easy to pull off, even with a big budget, but I'm hopeful for Hello Neighbor: A "dodge the psycho" sim in the relatively tiny environment of a single house, without all the usual horror game trappings—as far as I can tell, you're literally up against the guy who lives next door—sounds like it could be a lot of fun. The pre-alpha demo that we played in October is available at, and and the early access release is available through the Humble Store.  

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