The Mortal Kombat 11 Terminator trailer is here (Updated)

Update: The trailer has arrived, and suffice it to say that Arnold fights dirty. In the realm of Mortal Kombat, that's really saying something. The gun in the Johnny Cage box is a nice touch, too.

Original story:

The Terminator has turned up in Mortal Kombat 11 ahead of schedule—typical time traveller. The T-800, which sadly won't be voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, isn't due to make his debut until next week, but it looks like he's snuck into the game already, though not as a playable character.

Michael Leri posted his unexpected appearance on Twitter (cheers, ResetEra) after he showed up to help Jax in a Towers of Time fight. When fighters assist each other, they only appear briefly and fire off a single attack, so we're not really seeing the T-800 at its best. 

Wearing his human skin suit, he could be anyone, and there's nothing distinctly Terminator about any of the attacks on display, aside from maybe the shotgun. Thankfully, someone's found a way to make him seem a lot more authentic. 

The official trailer is coming later today, while the T-800 is due out on October 8. Three more characters will be joining the brawl after the T-800—Sindel on November 26, Joker on January 28 and finally Spawn on March 17.

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