Watch some Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer action

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

New CoD, just like the old CoD? "Nay!" Activision claims in the voice of an offended British gentlefop. Advanced Warfare is technologically slightly further in the future than Ghost's near-future setting. This brave new medium-future future trumps Ghost's remote controlled dog with jetpacks that let you scoot around enemies! Whatever next.

We're also getting laser rifles and a game mode that has you throwing metal balls into floating holographic balls, which is a prime pastime for soldiers in the quite-but-not-too-distant future. This, we're promised, is a recipe for excitement that will revolutionise the art of shooting men in the head in a videogame. We'll know for sure when it's released in November 4. It does look reassuringly quicker than your Bovril-grade CoD of old, and few things aren't improved by the addition of an orbital laser strike. Find our more in our MP impressions from Gamescom.

Tom Senior

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