Watch Kerbal Space Program’s new science gizmos in action in this Breaking Ground trailer

Just ahead of its launch next week, Kerbal Space Program’s Breaking Ground expansion has published a trailer that shows off the scientific data-gathering bits and bobs you’ll be able to send around the solar system when the DLC arrives.

As the trailer illustrates, Breaking Ground will send you on science missions to other planets, where you’ll use new gear to gather data about local seismology and weather. You’ll be able to scan and collect samples discovered around the solar system, using new robotic armatures that bend and twist to your heart’s delight.

What’s potentially even more exciting, however, are the new components for spacecraft the expansion is introducing. There are hinges, pistons, servos, and rotors, and each of these new pieces means an infinitude of potential new designs, based on what the Kerbal Space Program community has already concocted without them.

The trailer also shows some of the new robotics in action, and I can only imagine the kinds of amazing, spindly monstrosities that KSP players are going to manage to pack into their rocket payloads.

Check out our interview with Kerbal Space Program’s developers to learn more about Breaking Ground. It’ll be launching May 30.

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