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Watch Dogs' TheWorse Mod final version released

So much of the Watch Dogs discussion has been centred around its graphics. Maybe that can now be resolved with this: the final release of TheWorse Mod . Originally designed to enable the visual effects present in Ubisoft's E3 2012 demo of the game, it's since been expanded to offer a full compliment of graphical and performance related improvements. Maybe now we can't talking about what's really wrong with Watch Dogs: its total lack of dogs.

This 1.0 version is a pretty minor update over the previous release. It further tweaks the depth-of-field and bloom setting, and fixes a few of the mod's lingering problems. If you're yet to try the upgrades it offers, now's the perfect time to take a look—the mod's as feature complete as it's going to get.

In addition to the main changes, there's also an optional "MaLDo texture" version, which incorporates an Ultra textures fix created by Crysis 2 modder MaLDo. With it, selecting "High" textures will instead provide their Ultra counterparts, but do so without the stuttering experienced by some GPUs with the base game.

I tried out the previous 0.99 version, and it offered a noticeable improvement. That said, the depth-of-field effects were also far stronger than anything I'd want if actually attempting to play the game, (rather than looking wistfully at ports). Still, it's worth checking out if you find yourself disappointed by the look and feel of Watch Dogs' world.

Phil Savage
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