Watch Dogs' pricey limited edition unveiled; game won't require internet connectivity

For a game all about hacking, it's, well... unsurprising that Watch Dogs is now attempting to hack into our wallets. If successful, it will leave a dent approximately $130 big, so let's hope that the Limited Edition's extra goods are enough to patch up the gaping hole left behind. Will it also comfort you to know that Watch Dogs won't require internet connectivity? Because that, too.

We saw how well forced internet connectivity worked with SimCity; the hassles of having to be online just weren't worth the convenience of the steady stream of patches to amend poop-funnelling mechanics. Thankfully, at a panel at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, non-onlinery was confirmed by Ubisoft , as well as the appearance of comedienne Aisha Tyler 's likeness.

This comes off the back of the Ubisoft blog 's unveiling of Watch Dogs' Limited Edition for gamers in North America. In addition to the game itself, that $130 will net you a collectible SteelBook case, the soundtrack, a hardcover art book, a rather antisocial-looking vigilante mask, and a "9-inch statue of Aiden in action" (which seems like a bit of an oxymoron to me, but anyway). All I need now to push this to insta-buy status is the confirmation of main character Aiden Pearce actually being the bumbling Sterling Archer in disguise...