Watch Dogs 2's T-Bone gets his own trailer ahead of first DLC

Recently pushed back from this year to next, Watch Dogs 2's T-Bone DLC now has its very own trailer ahead of its January 24 PC release. 

As the name likely suggests, the hack 'em up's first portion of added material is centred around Raymond 'T-Bone' Kenney—a supporting character who starred in the first game. It comes with his outfit, a new Mayhem co-op challenge mode, a new Grenadier enemy type and, um, a school bus customised with a bulldozer blade that our star man has seemingly misplaced. Look, see:

"Watch Dogs 2’s 1.06 title update has just been released across all platforms. This and previous patches were an important step towards stabilizing Watch Dogs 2’s seamless multiplayer functionality, and other core online features, before releasing any new multiplayer content," Ubisoft explained earlier this month in relation to the DLC's delay. "Since these updates required additional development resources, we’ve made the decision to adjust our release schedule for that new content." 

If the above tickles your fancy, it's included with the £30/$40 Watch Dogs 2 season pass, but will also be available for purchase separately. As of right now, Ubisoft is running a month-long T-Bone Chaos Event with weekly themed challenges whereby players can grab in-game currency and rewards. More information on that can be found this way