Watch a gun-toting cat massacre demons in this amazing Doom Eternal claymation short

Doom Eternal is a very serious game about a large man with many guns and a very effective workout regimen who wages a one-man war against the relentlessly ravenous hordes of Hell. But what if, instead, it was a story about a group of friends having a picnic on a nice summer day—friends whose relationship is perhaps a little more fragile than any of them really understood? 

In that case, you'd likely end up with something very much like Claycat's Doom Eternal, a fantastically good claymation short by YouTuber Lee Hardcastle.

It's sad, in a way, because it all starts off so nicely, but Claycat clearly had an inkling that there might be trouble—you don't pack a super shotgun in a baguette if you're expecting a quiet night around the campfire, after all. Predictably, the beef doesn't stay contained once the bullets start flying. 

It's a remarkably good recreation of Doom gameplay, and a lot bloodier than I expected, but also very cute in a "watch me chainsaw this guy's face in half" kind of way. (Everything's cute when a cat is involved.) Alas, the poor bunny—I won't spoil it, but if you've seen the end of the original Doom, you know what's coming.

This is actually Claycat's second trip into hell: His first journey took place in 2016, and was an equally blood-soaked affair.

Doom Eternal comes out on March 20. If you're not already geared up for it, be sure to check out the detailed system requirements and unlock times.

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Andy Chalk

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