Watch a Divinity: Original Sin 2 speedrunner beat the game in 38 minutes

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a big, beefy game. It's also one that you can, if you are so inclined, play from start to finish in not much more than a half-hour. And if you don't believe me (which would be an entirely reasonable position to take), then watch this video of a guy named Onin actually making it happen. 

This is probably the worst possible way to play an RPG but it's also very typical for speedrunning, as Onin takes advantages of exploits and his obvious familiarity with the game to get through it very quickly. At around the six-minute mark, for instance, he goes after a group of large crocodiles, but only attacks the one that's carrying a particular pair of gloves he needs. He uses invisibility and manages his action points so he can kill and loot the required croc in a single turn, after which he plays dead to end the combat sequence (he's playing as Fane) and then uses the waypoint system to zap back to Fort Joy.   

It's a terrible way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rivellon, but if you're looking to check games off of your "must play" list, this is how you get it done. But as fast as this time is, Onin may be able to cut it even further: The run shaves more than ten minutes off the 48:25 mark he set last week

For those of you who haven't sunk quite as much time into Original 2 as Onin obviously has, we've got a Beginner's Guide here to help you get started, and a rundown of the best mods currently available—including one that expands the maximum party size, so you don't have to miss out on any NPC personal quests. 

Thanks, Eurogamer.

Andy Chalk

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