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Watch a cute No Man's Sky video made by a dad and his daughter

Free Dad Videos is a YouTube channel devoted to the movies Matt Silverman makes with his five-year-old daughter Amelia. Their latest, Nomad Squadron, is a space adventure set in the universe of No Man's Sky, in which recordings of Amelia—and guest YouTubers Austin Creed, aka wrestler Xavier Woods, and Greg Miller from Kinda Funny—are superimposed on footage captured in-game.

In an interview with Kotaku, Silverman explained the process behind this, which involves using photomode to get rid of the HUD but doing so in multiplayer so as not to pause the game. It's a clever bit of work, and obviously a lot of effort went into making this 10-minute short film about a trio of pilots on a data-pickup run gone wrong. There's some nice little in-jokes in there No Man's Sky players will appreciate as well.

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