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Watch 30 mins of surprisingly stealthy Terminator: Resistance gameplay

You might think a Terminator FPS would be packed with explosions and shootouts, but a new gameplay video from Terminator: Resistance, which was revealed last month, suggests the Teyon-developed shooter will have whole sections where you don't touch your trigger.

The footage, from a PlayStation Access EGX livestream, features lots of sneaking, hacking via a Frogger-style minigame and picking locks to grab loot. Rather than blast terminators in the face, you're encouraged to take control of enemy turrets to do the hard work for you: whenever the player is spotted by the T-800s they're melted within sections, suggesting stealth is more a necessity than a choice. Ultra vision spots robots and turrets through walls—handy for plotting your route.

After slipping past turrets, the player enters a hospital that's trying to evoke horror game vibes, with T-800s prowling the corridors as you squirm through vents. 

Terminator: Resistance is out on November 15, and you can watch the reveal trailer here. Teyon have previously made the entirely forgettable Rambo: The Video Game.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Samuel Horti

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