Wasteland 2 footage shows quests, combat and screaming goats

Wasteland 2

InXile have released more footage from the first of their two Kickstarter backed old-school RPG projects. Wasteland 2 is steadily approaching the revised October beta test date , and you can get a solid idea of the progress that's been made with this 20 minute demo of the Prison level. In it, you'll find turn-based combat, Ambiguous™ moral choices, and a goat with unnatural fondness for screaming.

Compare to last February's first demo footage for an idea of how the game is progressing. Project lead Chris Keenan talks about the level in the latest Kickstarter update , stressing that what's shown is merely a third of prison map, which itself is far from the largest level in the game.

If that slice of isometric role-playing is to your liking, non-backers can still make pledges towards the game. The Late Backer Store has a variety of price-points and rewards for those who fancy pre-booking their place in the post-apocalypse.

Phil Savage

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