Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr trailer delivers some "mass destruction"

The big Warhammer news of the day is obviously the announcement of Dawn of War 3, but interesting things are afoot on the Inquisitor - Martyr front too. Developer NeoCoreGames, formerly of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, has released the first “Inquisitorial Log” gameplay video, courtesy of GameSpot, that shows off the upcoming action-RPG's highly destructible environments and cover system. 

Different objects in the game will provide different amounts of cover for both you and your enemies, depending on their size and composition. But they're not impenetrable: Different weapons will chew through cover objects at different rates, but sooner or later most of them will crumble. And when they do, the falling rubble can cause damage to anyone standing underneath, so be sure you're not too close when the walls fall down.

We took a closer look at Inquisitor - Martyr last September, and it sounds like a game worth keeping an eye on: Much of the story will take place aboard an “ancient drifting spaceship monastery,” and NeoCore said its aim is to provide a sense of claustrophobia and horror similar to that of Alien. A hard release date hasn't been announced, but it's currently expected to come out sometime this year.

Andy Chalk

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