Wargroove shows off new commanders ahead of late-2018 release

Wargroove is a spiritual successor to Advance Wars currently in development at Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish. It was revealed in early 2017 and originally expected to release later that year. Chucklefish now plans to release the turn-based strategy game in "the second half of 2018," according to a recent blog post

The post also revealed four new commanders, leader units which are to Wargroove what kings are to chess. That is to say: if they die you lose. Luckily commanders also wield powerful, game-changing abilities, so they're more than just units to protect. The newest commanders are Emeric, a powerful mage; Sigrid, a vampire; Koji, a young inventor; and the Greenfinger, who's got one hell of a green thumb. Have a look at their in-game sprites:

Sam spent some time with two commanders when he played Wargroove last October, and found them interesting but underwhelming—and learned that balancing commanders is a priority for Chucklefish. Sam also came to love the knight unit, who came to his rescue in his hour of need. Chucklefish shared more info on knights in its latest blog post, offering a look at knights of different factions: 

Fans of Chucklefish's Starbound may notice that the Floran knight is riding a Fluffalo, one of the most important animals in Starbound—and indeed that the Floran race itself is also in Starbound. 

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Austin Wood
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