Warframe’s Tennocon 2020 is cancelled, but Operation Scarlet Spear goes forward

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

Warframe is having a big year, but that big year will involve annual gathering Tennocon taking place online rather than in-person. That’s too bad, because last year’s event was the site of some really cool announcements and birthed our story about the long struggle of Warframe to reach its original design vision. “Due to the widespread concerns surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the attendee event portion of TennoCon 2020,” said Digital Extremes’ official announcement. Despite the event not taking place in-person, Digital Extremes does still plan to hold it online so that players can “digitally share in the magic and excitement of TennoCon on July 11.” Warframe is having a momentous year, finally reaching the game’s 15-year-old design vision and having pushed its largest update ever earlier this year.

This week also saw the devs announcing a few more details about upcoming Operation Scarlet Spear, an in-game event that looks quite neat. The centerpiece looks like a combined ground-space operation, where a team on the ground fights a nasty Condrix sentient robot while the team in space—on a railjack—defends an Oplink satellite. These kinds of operations using both Warframe’s old and new systems are pretty neat, and serve as a real testament to how far the game has come in the seven years since its release. (Speaking of which, you can get free stuff for the seven year celebration.)

Most of this is detailed in this week’s developer update, here:

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