Warframe's massive open world Fortuna update is launching this week

The highly anticipated Fortuna update for Warframe is dropping this week. Fortuna introduces a large open-world location on Venus called Orb Vallis where you can jump, grind, and surf on K-boards. The zone features cave systems, underground Corpus facilities, and a neon-lit hub city full of vendors.

There will of course be new guns to craft, including modular Kitguns developed by Fortuna's new faction, Solaris United. If you tire of completing bounties and raiding Corpus bases you can mine, fish, and capture animals to support a conservation project. The latter might be the best part of the expansion—just look at this little guy.

A new Warframe, the bloodthirsty Garuda, will launch alongside Fortuna. Find out more about what she can do in our overview. Basically she steals as much blood as she can (including her own) and turns that into damage. She can also rip enemies in half with a button press.

The announcement contains some exciting hints at high-level challenges to come. "The game’s four quadrants, bases of enemy operations, are patrolled by giant robo-spiders, while mid- and small-size robot spiders appear across the giant terrain." Digital Extremes has hinted that the giant robo-spiders may wake up and play a part in future challenges.

Like all of Warframe's expansions, and the base game, Fortuna is entirely free and will be available through Steam. We don't know what day precisely the expansion will launch but we'll be jumping in to get some guides together for you. Until then check out Steven's advice on how to prepare for the Fortuna expansion, and check out some of the new weapons and armour pieces Fortuna will add.

Tom Senior

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