War for the Overworld's getting a final expansion this month

War for the Overworld, the mischievous dungeon management romp inspired by Dungeon Keeper, turns three today, but Brightrock Games isn’t quite done with it yet. This month, on April 20, War for the Overworld’s final expansion, The Under Games, will pop into existence, along with a free 2.0 patch. 

The Under Games will pit your Overlord—of which there will be more to choose from—against a series of challenges within a tournament designed to test their mettle. You’ll get seven missions, four Overlords and an overhauled AI with five difficulty levels. There’s new terrain, new dungeons and nine Aspects that will net you extra spells, potions and defences. 

Along with the campaign, The Under Games also introduces two game modes: King of the Underhill and Core Shards. Both are multiplayer affairs, tasking Overlords with fighting over key positions or beating each other up over shards. 

As well as the expansion, there’s also the 2.0 update that will be available to everyone. It remasters the main campaign, expands the map editor and generally polishes the base game. The new game modes and overhauled AI will also be present in the patch, not just The Under Games. 

I recall War for the Overworld being something of a panacea after the huge disappointment of 2014’s Dungeon Keeper mobile spinoff, which was a particularly egregious example of terrible monetisation. It relied on loads of in-app purchases, and even if you were willing to throw lots of cash at it, it was never any fun. Then, a year later, War for the Overworld came along and it couldn’t have been more like the originals. 

If you fancy a modern Dungeon Keeper, War for the Overworld continues to be the best of the bunch. 

You’ll be able to pick up the expansion on Steam and GOG for £7.19 / $9.99 / €9.99. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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