VR puzzler Gadgeteer moves into Early Access

VR puzzler Gadgeteer has moved into Early Access for some of the best VR headsets.

The physics-based VR puzzle game—which we have listed in our most anticipated VR games of 2019 round-up—is a puzzle game about building contraptions out of bits of wood and metal to guide silver balls from one point to the other. You must build chain reaction machines to solve intricate puzzles and your machines will use gadgets to launch, bump, twist, and turn—"creating chain reactions that may even end up tearing apart the fabric of space-time".

The Early Access version includes "50+ unique gadgets, 3 tool heads, 60 levels, and lovely music to listen to". The developer has also "opened up the entire apartment for players to build in" and provided two modes: Puzzle and Sandbox. 

“Our plan is to move Gadgeteer from Early Access to a Full Game in roughly eight months (around the time of the holiday season)," said developer Metanaut via an update on Steam.

“Gadgeteer is a labor of love for us. We come from engineering & industrial design backgrounds so this is the perfect VR game we want to make. There are so many things we want to add to help players build even more fantastical, crazy, chain reaction machines. Early Access will give us time to understand what players want and build the ultimate building game for virtual reality.”

Right now there are seemingly no plans to raise the price, but the team did state that “if the community agrees this game is worth more than what we've listed, we may gradually raise the price when we leave Early Access".