Voice actors union reaches 'tentative agreement' to end videogame strike

Image credit: Deadline

In October last year, videogame voice actors and motion capture performers elected to go on strike after SAG-AFTRA, the union representing them, failed to reach a contract agreement with major publishers. Over 250 people thereafter picketed outside EA, and while incremental progress has been made since, only now has the ordeal been settled. 

Speaking via the SAG-AFTRA website, union president Gabrielle Carteris stated its negotiating committee reached an agreement to end strike action against the 11 videogame companies last weekend. 

As such, those affected were advised they are now "free to resume working for the companies that were struck on all titles effective immediately," after talks resolved two pivotal points of contention: transparency and secondary compensation. 

"First, [the deal] instituted a new bonus structure that provides an additional payment to performers beyond their session fee," says Carteris. "The newly-bargained terms also include significant improvements in the area of transparency. 

"This expanded information will empower performers and their representatives to bargain knowledgeably for compensation and to understand the nature of the performance that will be required, both of which have been a challenge for our members in an environment characterized by code names and secrecy. The National Board will vote on the contract at its October meeting. The new terms take effect upon ratification."

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