Visit D.Va's stomping ground in Overwatch's new map

Overwatch’s new map, Busan, has gone live, letting players muck around in D.Va’s striking hometown. I’m not convinced D.Va would be too happy about her home being turned into a battleground, especially when players can also snoop inside her room, but at least it means she won’t have a long commute. 

The launch of Busan on the Overwatch PTR last month was also accompanied by a new cinematic short, Shooting Star, obviously featuring the esports hero. Blizzard says it’s made an extra effort to match the D.Va’s base as it appear in-game with the one we see in the short. 

“We worked closely with the cinematics department to recreate the MEKA Base as closely as possible,” says Simon Fuchs, senior environment artist. “We wanted players to feel like they’re in the film as soon as they load into the map. This is the first time we’ve done this kind of collaboration, and we think it was a success! The way the map looks in game and in the short are much more similar than our previous attempts.” 

Along with the new map, there’s a hero gallery filter that should make it easier to search for cosmetics, as well as some hero tweaks, bug fixes and a few other changes. Take a gander at the full patch notes

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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