Viscera Cleanup Detail, a blue-collar vision of alien infestation

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It's a dirty job, and there's no one left to do it. Except you. Indie South African developer RuneStorm's Viscera Cleanup Detail (opens in new tab) upends a classic story of alien infestation by giving you an apparently straightforward, but disgusting, task—if you make a mess, be sure to clean up after yourself.

The free alpha release of Viscera, available at IndieDB (opens in new tab) , presents a series of challenges to the player. You're the lone survivor of an alien attack on a futuristic facility and you've somehow managed to repel the invasion. But what's left over from your glorious victory, all the entrails, body parts, and bio-waste, has to be taken care of somehow. Thankfully this space station janitor sim gives you all the tools you need—a sturdy mop, rubber gloves, and an incinerator for all the alien goo you've created.

I think we have a new genre on our hands. Dead Space plumber? System Shock dentist? What's next?

Viscera Cleanup Detail is also listed on Steam Greenlight (opens in new tab) where it's currently awaiting approval. Check out a video of the alpha below. Thanks, PCGamesN (opens in new tab) .