Virtuix Omni, a "movement pad" input device, gets funded pretty much instantly

If the results of the just-barely-launched Kickstarter for the Virtuix Omni are any indication, we're all eager to begin running about in time with our in-game characters. The Omni positions itself as the latest addition to the virtual reality craze, having you moonwalk to stimulate movement of your on-screen avatar, adding to a level of immersion that "cannot be experienced sitting down."

With 48 days still left on the clock, the Omni has already achieved over 200% of its crowdfunding goal , no doubt spurred along by the March video of its use in Skyrim .

I'm instantly put in mind of those guys who tried to race across Azeroth on a treadmill , though hopefully the Omni's admittedly unflattering walking-frame shape will keep players from keeling over from exhaustion while questing.

It ought to pair well with the Oculus Rift, and claims to be ready to play straight out of the box with any game that utilizes keyboard input. Shipping of the product is scheduled for January 2014, but naturally, the pricetag isn't cheap. At $299 for an Omni with a self-built support frame, you're looking at a price that rivals that of an annual gym membership—but hey, those buff dudes at your local 24 Hour Fitness don't get to play Skyrim while getting fit, now, do they?