Physics fun in Vindictus video [Giveaway]


When I took a look at Vindictus during E3 , I came away impressed by a lot of things--not the least of which being the game's creative use of physics in gameplay beyond the mundane "Oh, look! These papers fell over realistically". So I sat down with the devs and picked their brain on exactly what they wanted physics to do in their game and one of the most enticing things I learned was their upcoming female mage character who manipulates the world around her with magic, so I got them to make an exclusive video for us showing off Evie's more "physical" side. Check it out below!

Giveaway: Tell us in the comments what buidlings/materials/toys you'd make your golem out of to win one of the much lusted-after Vindictus wolf-hoodies (pictures below)! Winners will be chosen tomorrow!

My favorite part is at 0:27, when she creates the column golem. In most games pets fall from the sky or pop out of the ground, but here, real pieces of the environment--broken columns, scattered boxes, and hunks of rock--come flying out to form a golem-shaped magical minion ready to smash some faces in. This means that in theory, no two golems should look exactly alike, not to mention that there's no suspension of disbelief required here--you watch the objects fly around the room to form the golem in real time.

Once Evie has learned the spell to summon a golem, she can use a magical summoning gem to bust one out any time she wants. Your rock buddy will smash all sorts of powerful enemies for you, but only for a while--it will eventually lose its power and crumble. And Evie is only able to bring one summoning gem with her into a dungeon, so you can only summon one per dungeon. Still, this is a super powerful ability I'm even more interested in watching than reaping the in-game benefits from.

Couple the golem spell with the levitation spell at 0:18 where Evie floats everyone up in the air and smashes them down, and I can't wait to have fun with Evie in PvP.