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Viking: Battle for Asgard coming to Steam next week

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Creative Assembly are better known for the grand strategy of their transcontinental conquest series Total War, but they have made a few tentative sorties into action-game territory in the past. One such was the coolly-received Viking: Battle for Asgard, released on consoles back in the primordial mists of 2008. And now, according to a tweet from fellow SEGA studio Hardlight, the game's been dusted off, prettied up, and sent on its way to Steam.

The game faces a release next week, apparently, and it's been given a graphical overhaul to suit its new, much mightier platform. Whether a similar treatment has been given to the other rough edges which stopped it short of greatness remains to be seen. It's certainly a game of ambition - not just a nimble hack-and-slash brawler built on sturdy arcade foundations, but one which ties its bloodshed into a massive persistent battle, as you - a noble nordic warrior - singlehandedly turn the tide against the corrupt force of Hel. We don't yet have a PC Gamer review to point you to, but why not have a look at what the Edge review of the game had to say.

In the meantime, here's a trailer showing you what the game looked like in days of yore, presumably running on rudimentary computing technology made out of narwhal tusk and dung.