Video guide to building anything in LEGO Universe

Trident Ho!

The primary resource your character uses in LEGO Universe isn't mana, energy, or rage—it's imagination. This focus on the power of the creative mind is being carried over to all aspects of development. We sat down with the creative minds behind LEGO Universe to get a complete walk-through on how building freely with LEGO bricks in the game will work.

I am absolutely thrilled at the possibilities I saw for not only designing architecture, but animating and tweaking the AI of everything you build as well. Follow along in the video as the developers build a fort, fill it with chickens that moo and dinosaurs that hate moo'ing and simply let them run wild. Once you've finished, let us know in the comments what you're looking forward to building most. I personally can't wait to rebuild the ice fortress that was my favorite LEGO set while growing up - maybe with a few jumping monkeys added to spice it up.

During our talk, the developers at NetDevil hinted very strongly that voice chat will be included in the game. When I asked them if it will have integrated voice chat, Creative Director Ryan Seabury coyly responded that it would make sense to include it, and with a smile, added that they are “good friends with Dolby...”

The voice chat would likely be linked with LEGO Universe's “best friend” system, which is entirely optional, but relies on NetDevil being able to verify your real identity (or the parent's identity of children) and have all relevant parents agree that they know each other in real life. It unlocks special features such as being able to speak to each other without a chat filter, visit and interact with homes designated for “best friends” only. The creative spark generated by two friends working to build a fort together was really inspiring, and certainly worth the identity hassles you may need to jump through to collaborate closely with your real-life friends.