Victoria 3's latest DLC adds a whole bunch of historical figures including Lenin, who'll agitate for a bit of revolution

Paradox has released a new "immersion pack" for the excellent Victoria 3, called Voice of the People and focusing on a slew of new (old?) historical characters and an 'Agitator' mechanic. The immersion pack name is something the company's hit upon to distinguish between the scale of the DLCs it releases for its titles: These are the smaller ones (though it'll still set you back $14.99/£12.99/€14.99) with Victoria 3's first major expansion yet to be detailed.

Wordplay aside, Voice of the People also adds a deeper simulation of French politics of the century, which sits very nicely alongside that Agitator system. The latter will see individual characters appear that push for political reforms which governments, bluntly, don't want. Given the era this means there are some real ballers in here, including Emmeline Pankhurst and the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini. And any Tsars better watch out: Here comes Lenin!

The Paradox press material lists the expansion's main features thus:

  • Over 60 New Historical Agitators: Explore new alternate histories with real historical characters, including John Brown, Emmeline Pankhurst, and Enver Pasha. These characters are integrated into the new free Agitator system, which allows for greater variety and engagement in the political reform and development of your nation.
  • Special Agitator Actions: Aid the agitators by promoting them to lead Interest Groups, or send them into exile to blunt their impact. You can also, in some cases, invite other nations’ exiles into your society to take advantage of their ideas.
  • Unique French Content: New events, journal missions, and decisions inspired by French history. Press your advantage in Northern Africa, back one of royal claimants, or establish a strong French Empire in Europe and worldwide.
  • New French Buildings: Historic structures from France added to the map.
  • New Art: A paper map unique to Voice of the People, wrapped in a new art nouveau appearance. New animations for revolutions highlight the interest groups in revolt, and new clothing and uniforms are added for many societies.

The expansion also comes with a new bundle offering, which includes two previously released cosmetic packs, one forthcoming art pack, and the upcoming major expansion.

That major expansion is not yet dated but is called Sphere of Influence, and aims to increase "the depth and immersion of the diplomatic game", focusing on regional interests, your investment and involvement in foreign economies, and interfering in your subjects' political lives more profoundly. No wonder the peasants are revolting.

Rich Stanton

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