Vampyr explores the creation of its bloodthirsty monsters in new dev-led short

Vampyr, Dontnod's early 20th century supernatural action role-player, plans to sink its pointy teeth into PCs this spring. A new behind-the-scenes series kicks off today, the first episode of which explores the creation of protagonist Jonathan Reid. 

Named 'Making Monsters', the following short explains Reid's place within Spanish Flu-ridden London, and showcases the various baddies now stalking its streets—including the shadowy Ekons, bestial Vulkods, and sewer-dwelling Skals. 

And it looks like we'll need more than wooden stakes and strings of garlic to topple any one of them. Best of luck with that. 

See for yourself:

From that, I found game director Philippe Moreau's take on what makes vampires unique against other fictitious beings particularly interesting: 

"What interests me about vampires compared with other supernatural creatures, like werewolves or ghouls, is that the vampire is self-aware of their nature as a creature, as a predator," says Moreau. "They are intelligent. This is intriguing for me because we can use this notion of dilemma, of moral choice, with the vampire figure." 

He adds: "We want all of our games to be distinct, due to their atmosphere and gameplay mechanics, creating an identity which is truly unique." 

Which, against the studio's previous game Life Is Strange, is quite the understatement. Vampyr is due at some point this spring.