Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines 2's first full-blood clan is the Brujah

In Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines 2, you'll begin your unlife as a Thinblood with few mates, but eventually you'll be able to join one of five vampire clans, including the rebellious Brujah. They're the angry, righteous punks of the World of Darkness, and you can learn more about what their deal is in the reveal trailer above.

The Brujah are known as 'The Rabble' to the rest of the vampires, and they're not ones for institutions or authority. They used to be a clan of warrior scholars—you play as one in Redemption—but in the modern age they're viewed by the other clans as punks and troublemakers. 

There aren't many Brujah in Seattle, and most of them are what remains from failed Anarch movements. Anarchs reject the vampire establishment and, not surprisingly, it's a movement the Brujah find appealing. That means they aren't affiliated with Seattle's bloodsucking political factions, so they might be a good choice of clan if you want to be a bit of a wild card. They love a good brawl, too, and even host undead fight clubs. Their vampire powers also reflect this penchant for pugilism.  


  • You're big, you're tough and your muscles have muscles.
  • Fist of Caine gives you a punch even the big daddy of the vamps would be proud of. Knock down walls and throw people far. It's upgradeable, too. 
  • Beat up the ground with Earthshock, creating a shockwave and knocking down anyone that gets too close. Upgrading it will send out fissures that damage everyone nearby. 


  • You're the speedster of the vampire world.
  • Unseen Storm lets you dash in any direction so quickly that, to anyone looking, you disappear, giving you the chance to make a quick attack, reposition yourself and dodge attacks. It helps if you want to run away, too, and it can be upgraded.
  • With Accelerate, the world slows down around you, letting pull off fancy stunts and even avoid bullets. You can enhance it with an upgrade, too. You'll be wanting to grab some shades and a leather coat, obviously. 

While the Brujah have a rebellious streak, they still follow the Masquerade, and using one of your disciplines out in the open is considered a violation. You wouldn't want to get in trouble with Seattle's sheriff.

You'll keep your Thinblood powers if you join the Brujah, too, so you'll still be able to transform into a cloud of mist or summon a swarm of bats. And of course you've got all your conventional attacks and weapons, too. It looks like the Brujah quite like their baseball bats. And their leathers.

It's a strong look.

The Bloodlines 2 team will be hosting a Brujah breakdown on the Paradox Interactive Twitch channel at 9 am PT today, so give that a watch to find out more.  

Fraser Brown
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