Vampire Survivors is getting a 'Tiny Update' with a new level and character

When Vampire Survivors left early access in October, developer poncle said it would probably start working on something new, but promised that "support for VS will also carry on." Today it followed through on that promise with the announcement of the 1.1.0 "Tiny Update," which actually sounds pretty big to me.

Vampire Survivors really caught me by surprise. It was immediately hard to stop playing, and the PC Gamer crew couldn't stop talking about it when the 1.0 version launched. I didn't expect just how deep it is. At first blush it looks like a fairly straightforward twin-stick shooter, but the more I played, the more things kept happening: I was discovering new weapons and upgrades, unlocking new characters, and being teleported to secret, weird areas, all of it without warning or even an acknowledgement that such things could happen.

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More of that will be happening following the release of the 1.1.0 update. Poncle said it will include a new stage called Tiny Bridge that will drop the hero into the midst of a battle between two bloodthirsty factions, a new 'secret' character called Scorej-Oni (not really a secret now, I guess), a new powerup item, two new achievements, and various "minor improvements" including bug fixes, updates to the pause menu, and quicker loading times.

Detailed patch notes for the Vampire Survivors "Tiny Update" will be released tomorrow, November 24, which is also when the update itself will go live.

Andy Chalk

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