Valve says it will fulfill remaining Q1 Steam Deck orders just in time

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If you were one of the lucky few people to have a Steam Deck reserved for Q1 and are still waiting for your precious handheld gaming PC, you're in luck. You should be receiving an email between today and next week to complete your order, and before you know it, you'll be bragging that you've just installed Windows and your favorite emulators on the Steam Deck. You know, just being a real Deckhead about it.  

A tweet from the official Steam Deck Twitter account confirms that the last batch of Q1 Steam Deck reserves should be receiving their order emails within the next two weeks. Presumably, this means Valve will start fulfilling Q2 orders sometime after that, fingers crossed.

Once you receive the email that says your "Steam Deck is now available," you have only 72 hours to complete the transaction. This means making sure whatever payment method you plan on using, and your shipping address is up to date. Once that happens, keep an eye out for the shipment details, since a package sitting too long on your front porch is a prime target for package thieves.

Q1 orders of the Steam Deck have slowly trickled out since its launch in February as Q2 and Q3 reservations got pushed further back. I was a Q2 person who got tragically pushed to Q3, which could mean the end of summer—my plans of playing Elden Ring on a beach at the Jersey Shore are ruined. Though it did only take about a month to get all of those Q1 orders out which isn't too bad, so there's always hope as production gets ramped up.

If you're wondering when your Steam Deck is shipping, you can check out your order status on the Steam Deck page (just make sure to log into Steam first). As it stands, the expected order availability is "after Q3 2022" for new Deck orders. Gabe will not personally deliver these, sadly. 


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