Valve has banned over 90,000 Steam accounts this week, reports SteamDB

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More than 40,000 Steam users were banned the day after the Summer Sale (opens in new tab) last year, as Valve's Anti-Cheat system worked overtime. According to SteamDB (opens in new tab) (via PCGamesN (opens in new tab)), that figure was eclipsed by a margin yesterday when 61,488 rule-breaking accounts were reportedly shut down. 

Likewise, SteamDB reckons 28,407 accounts were shuttered on Wednesday—up from Monday and Tuesday's respective 1,274 and 1,202 haul. At the time of writing, SteamDB's figures suggest just one account has been banned so far today, but expect that to rise as the day unfolds across different time zones. 

We've asked Valve what might have caused this recent spike in VAC bans—but it's worth noting new exploits pop up in big games on a regular basis. Just last month, FACEIT, on behalf of Valve, banned a Dota 2 team (opens in new tab) during The International 2018 qualifiers for using a programmable mouse. 

According to SteamDB's data (opens in new tab), over 100,000 accounts have been banned every month this year, bar June.