Valve and Xsolla add Steam Wallet support to Russian cash kiosks


Gamers in Russia can now add hard-earned rubles to their Steam Account Wallet via cash kiosks, according to an announcement posted on Steam .

The move will allow Russia's 38 million gamers to buy games with real cash through the country's 450,000 cash kiosks in an effort to make it easier to buy games legally in a country with very high rates of PC game piracy.

Apparently cash is still the de facto form of payment in Russia, so transforming it into a virtual currency will be something of a boon for Valve in the country with the greatest landmass on earth.

Xsolla also runs monetisation systems around the world, so you could potentially use your physical pounds, dollars or meticals to purchase virtual goods.

“Steam revolutionized the way games are distributed and experienced,” said Xsolla's vice-president and co-founder Albert Donahue. “Not only are players able to enjoy over 1500 games through Steam, but they are also able to enjoy the experience with friends and other gamers via the Steam Community, which has over 30 million players.”