Valkyria Chronicles to get World of Tanks crossover

In his review, Tom described Valkyria Chronicles “one of the most unique and fun strategy games” he’d ever played, despite having some issues with the PC port. Valkyria Chronicles, for those of you unsure, is a tactical RPG that has since spawned an anime series and numerous manga titles. All of which makes a crossover with Wargaming’s World of Tanks Blitz—the one-time mobile-exclusive that was ported to PC last year—seem unlikely. 

Nevertheless, it’s happening. And here’s proof via the art of moving pictures:

“We are pleased to announce a ground-breaking collaboration between WoT Blitz and Valkyria Chronicles, a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Sega,” says War Gaming via the World of Tanks North America YouTube channel. “Although they are very different, both games are focused on tanks. The exact details of our cooperation with Valkyria Chronicles will be revealed on stage at the Tokyo Game Show.”

I myself am very fond of Valkyria Chronicles, and have only ever dabbled in WoT’s base game MMO. Despite the fact both games include tanks, I’ve never once considered the idea of a crossover. Still, again, it's A Thing. 

Expect more details at this year’s Tokyo Game Show which runs September 17-18.