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Vagante, a new 2D roguelike platformer, is now on Kickstarter

My ears prick up whenever there is mention of 'roguelike' and 'platformer' in the same sentence. For anyone who has poured thousands of hours into either Spelunky or Rogue Legacy (wel'll never get those hours back, but who needs them?) Vagante is sure to be of interest. A public alpha build was released early last month, but now studio Nuke Nine has launched a Kickstarter to help complete the game. They're after $50,000.

"The current public alpha of Vagante only scratches the surface of what we want to implement," Nuke Nine writes on its Kickstarter page . "We have more items, areas, classes, monsters, and more besides planned. Our goal is to make the game we want to play, and we're some of the harshest critics when it comes to games."

Vagante will feature a selection of classes ranging the usual RPG mainstays: knights, rogues and mages. Loot appears to be central to the game's appeal, while the game's treatment of magic will take cues form titles such as Castlevania and Diablo.

Meanwhile, the four man strong studio has also made a few recent additions to the demo, which you can still download on the Kickstarter page. Chief among the changes is the introduction of local co-operative multiplayer, which seems pretty generous.

Visit the Kickstarter page for more details. Here's a trailer:

Shaun Prescott
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