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Unseen Valve concept art suggests brand new project. Spoilers: Gordon absent :(

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Valve wall artwork 2

Earlier we mentioned that Valve are working on the Meet the Medic video for Team Fortress 2. The information came from one fan's trip around the Valve offices. Meet the Medic wasn't the only thing he saw. He also snapped an image of a wall full of some fascinating artwork, the style of which matches nothing that Valve have worked on before.

The image was uploaded to the Steam Forums by Political Gamer on his return from Valve HQ. The concept art shows pictures of spaceship designs, and a series of warped and almost disturbing faces. Above one column of pictures hangs the name Jay Pinkerton, former editor of Cracked magazine and . Game Informer have previously reported that Pinkerton was hired to work with Chet Falizseck and Erik Wolpaw to write Portal 2, but these images certainly don't look as though they've come from the world of Aperture Science. What could it be?

Tom Senior
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