Universum: War Front mixes RTS and FPS gameplay, made by a solo developer

Universum: War Front , a new indie game seeking funding on Kickstarter, is an RTS that lets you zoom in and take control of a hero unit at any time during battles. It's a game that looks and feels like the product of a large, professional studio—no small accomplishment when you consider that the entire thing was written, programmed, and designed by one guy.

Cyril Megem is a Boston-based designer who left his job with a publisher to create his own game. A year later, he's pulled influences form Warhammer, Battlefield, Dota, and Star Wars to create a sci-fi strategy game with chunks of shooter gameplay and RPG character building melted in. The project is ambitious, sure, but its modest $20,000 Kickstarter goal was met after only a few days.

The money will go to hiring some help for poor Cyril, who has got to be exhausted by now from doing all the concepting, art, 3D design, programming and even the soundtrack by himself. Really? The soundtrack? Yup, the guy's a game-making machine. Here's a snippet.

The early release version of Universum is scheduled for December 2014, with more content and regular updates planned afterwards. Head over to the Kickstarter page to weigh in on exactly how many stretch goals Universum will unlock.