Unity of Command's new DLC takes a Black Turn with 1941 German invasion

After seeing red it only makes sense to fade to black. Unity of Command is getting a new DLC campaign, Black Turn—Operation Barbarossa 1941 , which focuses on German operations on the Eastern front after last year's Soviet-centered Red Turn . Although historical details behind the massive—and notorious—military action are well-known, it looks like the Black Turn's end game allows for a "what if" result.

"This final historical scenario is an 18-turn, 200-unit behemoth that is rated 'hard' to boot," reports developer 2x2. "You may as well lose here, but then, the Germans didn't win either. In case you do manage to take Moscow however, there are two further what-if scenarios. There's no point in spoiling this for anybody so just briefly: the what-ifs are challenging and only slightly ahistorical."

Since I may as well lose, it's great that the new DLC includes a pair of Soviet responses to the German attempt on Moscow, both taking place in the deep and bitterly cold winter at the end of 1941 and into early 1942. The finality of this brutal conflict seems appropriate, however, as the developers are calling this the last piece of official DLC for the strategy game.

Black Turn releases December 10. Need a debrief on what Unity of Command is all about? Check out our review .