Unity of Command now available on Steam, DLC announced

Good news, hex-based strategy wargamers: Unity of Command , a game we like a lot , is live on Steam starting today. Not only that, developer 2x2 Games has also announced that the game's first DLC, Red Turn, will be released sometime before the end of the year.

Red Turn will pick up on Unity of Command's story line shortly after the events of the Stalingrad Campaign with an Axis scenario, Operation Zitadelle, which details the ill-fated German attack on Kursk. But the bulk of the DLC's content will be a massive 17-scenario Soviet campaign that'll take you through the Russkies' winning battle to liberate the Motherland, covering everything from smaller skirmishes to large-scale operations such as Rumyantsev and Bagration. Four scenarios designed for multiplayer round out the package.

There's even more good news for armchair generals: the next patch for Unity of Command, v1.04, will come with a scenario editor that'll allow you to create your own wacky and/or real historical WWII match-ups. The editor is not part of the Red Turn DLC, and will be provided as a free update. 2x2 Games isn't saying exactly when v1.04 will be hitting, but our guess is that it'll also be out sometime before the end of the year.

The Steam edition of Unity of Command will be sold for the discounted price of $14.99 during its first week of release (and $19.99 after that). For more information on the Red Turn DLC, click here .