You can play LawBreakers free this weekend

LawBreakers is a very fun FPS. A very fun FPS that is, unfortunately, struggling uphill to establish a big playerbase. Boss Key Studios is working hard to support the game, both with a recent major update and now, a free weekend supported by a substantial discount.

The free weekend will run September 28 until October 2, and starting from now you can get the game for 25 percent cheaper: for US$22.49 to be precise. The trailer above has been released to coincide, and basically gives a rundown of what you're doing in the game: using guns to shoot at enemies until they die, while also floating around in zero-g areas sometimes.

I highly recommend you give this game a go: even though a lot of people complain about small playcounts, I can generally get a game no problem (and I live in bloody Australia). And resident FPS expert Evan loved it too, describing it as "nimble, graceful, and original".