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Someone made a jillion X-Men characters in XCOM 2


Wolverine fits right in as a cigar-chomping Ranger.

Compared to its predecessor, XCOM 2's characters are handsomer, contain more polygons, and, through the gift (mistake?) of mods, can now literally be Shrek, allowing you to develop an even greater sense of attachment to them before they're inevitably slain by bare-chested Egyptian androids with rockets for legs.

We've created a few neat characters of our own, but they pale to the alien-fighting paper dolls that fellow writes-about-gamesologist Rowan Kaiser put together. Kaiser's recreated a massive cast of X-Men faces in XCOM 2, from Iceman and Psylocke to Blob, Rogue, and Colossus, all of which are posted to Nexus Mods for download. Lesser known X-Men are also included in separate packages for Deadly Genesis, New Mutants, and X-Force. I've been running several of these in my own campaign, and they've been a great fit (RIP Wolverine, who isn't as immortal as I believed).

Wondering how to import these characters? Read here.

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A few more screenshots I grabbed of Kaiser's X-creations:

XCom2 2016-02-17 12-52-53-96


XCom2 2016-02-17 12-53-34-63


XCom2 2016-02-17 13-48-27-49


XCom2 2016-02-17 12-53-07-68


XCom2 2016-02-17 13-49-31-91

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