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World of Warcraft Tomb of Immortal Darkness announced

Word of Warcraft - Tomb of Immortal Darkness

A new dungeon is set to be added to World of Warcraft. The Tomb of Immortal Darkness will have players venturing into the pitch black lair of Omgsogoth, the Dark Lord of Twilight. The dark lord must be defeated before he spreads eternal darkness across the world. Players must use the sonar abilities of the new bat companion to make their way through Omgsogoth's lair, take out Omgsogoth's minions and take home some desirable new loot.

Blizzard announced the new dungeon on BattleNet , revealing some of the tempting treasure on offer, including Flintdagger's Favorite Mining Pick, which increases your haste and mining ability, and Boots of the Shooshyne, which glow in the dark.

Blizzard have utilised their latest Deep Dark tech to better realise the gloom of the new environments. They demonstrate the transition from concept art to in-game ambience with this revealing screenshot.

The dungeon will be available to players of level 83 and above. You'll need Cataclysm to run it.

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