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Wildstar's open beta is live, new trailer teases conflict and mystery

Wildstar's planet of Nexus is about to receive some new arrivals. The MMO's ten-day open beta has launched, giving potential purchasers a chance to try out a generous thirty levels of content. Head to Carbine's open beta page to collect a key. Alternatively, stick around and watch the new Wildstar story trailer. It'll tell you exactly why you're travelling through a bunch of zones, beating up the wildlife.

Tl;dr: there's a planet; people are fighting on it.

The open beta will run until May 18th, at which point you'll have a couple of weeks to prepare for the June 3rd release date.

If you want to know more about Wildstar, we've a bunch of previews you can check out. Chris took a general look at its combat and questing , Leif tackled the 40-person raids , and I ran through an open-world Adventure . You can also read my interview with game design producer Stephan Frost on Wildstar's end-game.

Phil Savage
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