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We've got 5000 Battalion 1944 beta keys for this weekend up for grabs

UPDATE: all these keys are now gone. 

Battalion 1944 is a WWII shooter that evokes memories of the likes of COD2, and it launches in Early Access on the 1st of February. This weekend, developer Bulkhead Interactive is hosting a beta for the game, and we've got 5000 keys to give away so readers can take part. We interviewed the game's executive producer, Joe Brammer, earlier this month, if you want to learn more about the game. 

We will update this page when all the keys are spoken for, but since the sign-up system won't automatically end at 5000 signups, note that you're not guaranteed a key if you enter your details—the first 5000 to sign up will receive a key. The keys will then be mailed out at 3AM GMT tomorrow, Saturday the 20th. They redeem on Steam, and the beta will end around 9AM on Monday morning. Existing PC Gamer Club Legendary tier members will get a key at that time, too, as part of their membership. Note: due to limits on number of codes, signing up to the PC Gamer Club before tomorrow won't get you a key, unfortunately. 

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