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Watch four hunters take on a huge finned lizard in Monster Hunter: World

I really feel sorry for the Anjanath. We can hardly go a single Monster Hunter: World video without that poor, ugly dinosaur getting slowly beaten to death by eager hunters. The latest Anjanath to give up its life did so in service of a four-player co-op video, which you can watch below. 

I’m more troubled by the fate of the innocent bystanders, however. Take the big fish that gets taken out when Anjanath flees to the water. It’s just minding its own business, perhaps swimming to work or on the way to see its family, when a hammer-wielding maniac and their friends show up and senselessly kill it. It’s a tragedy. 

Co-op looks fun—if a little messy—but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing new hunts. Anjanath needs a break. Also, the more I see of this particular hunt, the more I realise that a lot of the surprising moments and high points are scripted, making the game seem a little less emergent than it initially appeared. 

Monster Hunter: World is due out in 2018. 

Fraser Brown
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