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Watch 8 minutes of tense co-op sneaking in this GTFO developer playthrough

GTFO is a co-op shooter that pits squads of vulnerable humans against caves and corridors filled with extremely unfriendly monsters, like a mashup of Left 4 Dead and Alien Isolation. There's an alpha test for people who have signed up on the official site, running until November 2, but for those of you not playing, you can watch the developer playthrough above. 

The monsters are numerous and seem to be pretty good at killing heavily-armed humans, so stealth is the name of the game. The developer chatter helps make sense of their tactics as they synchronise kills and try to find the most efficient route past the dozing creatures. It's dark and tense but they manage to make it to their objective with only a little hiccup. And then a big one.

It's all very methodical and tactical, until it isn't. GTFO can transform into a frantic run and gun shooter if you cock up and wake up all the monsters. The developers no doubt did it on purpose so they could get some exciting footage, but in the dark, surrounded by enemies, it seems like it will be pretty easy to make a mistake. 

Presumably, a level-headed team will be able to work together and survive even if stealth fails; running away screaming isn't a solution. GTFO puts a priority on teamwork, so if you get split up, you're probably going to get eaten. Still, it was undeniably cool to watch the final developer make a last stand, plonking down a turret as a wave of monsters fills the corridor. 

GTFO is due out on Steam Early Access later this year.

Fraser Brown
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